Tuesday, 16 September 2008


Well it rained the whole day but we werent going to let that spoil our day! as it happened quite a few people turned up and most of the empty plots have now been taken which is good news, we had quite a few stalls aswel like, books, veg, craft and not forgetting the burger and cake stall ;)

here are a few photos from the day....
these two loved the rain and def made the most of it bless them.

The burger/hotdog stall... very tasty too!

This is vasue (on the left) my very friendly plot neighbour

The craft and tombola stall
The veg stall

Iris on the right (the site manageress)
this is Bob with the preserved jams

this is Vasues daughter Kineka aged 14yrs she came 3rd with her plot number plaque, beautiful it was too!

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