Thursday, 23 April 2009

And more Planting and Diggin

Today, I planted some more Beetroot, Cabbages, couple of Rasberry bushes and also some sunflowers. The weather was beautiful and didnt realise how hot it was as i got quite burnt, naughty me! My mum spotted a really weird bug that none of us have seen before, the best way to describe it is... like a wasp in size with no sting but a red coloured body with blacck stripes, the wings were pretty much like a moths wings, ooh and it was good at playing dead, then flew off! anyone got any ideas?

Saturday, 11 April 2009

Planting has started

Done quite well this week, most of the digging has been done, planted my Potatoes, broad beens, onion sets, 1 lot of peas. and got my Bean poles ready. When i planted my potatoes, I had dug it a few weeks earlier then covered it with black weed supressent, and wow i must say found it much easier to plant in, the soiil was lovely and soft, unlike where my peas were going which wasnt covered, so thats a lesson learnt for me... Dig then cover for a few weeks before planting!
I have also sown seed of lettuce, white turnip and beetroot. below are a few pics...