Wednesday, 15 July 2009

An update

Wow its been soooo long since I was on here, sorry about that, ive just been sooo busy with the allotment, animals and here are some pics that i have taken over the last couple of months

Thursday, 23 April 2009

And more Planting and Diggin

Today, I planted some more Beetroot, Cabbages, couple of Rasberry bushes and also some sunflowers. The weather was beautiful and didnt realise how hot it was as i got quite burnt, naughty me! My mum spotted a really weird bug that none of us have seen before, the best way to describe it is... like a wasp in size with no sting but a red coloured body with blacck stripes, the wings were pretty much like a moths wings, ooh and it was good at playing dead, then flew off! anyone got any ideas?

Saturday, 11 April 2009

Planting has started

Done quite well this week, most of the digging has been done, planted my Potatoes, broad beens, onion sets, 1 lot of peas. and got my Bean poles ready. When i planted my potatoes, I had dug it a few weeks earlier then covered it with black weed supressent, and wow i must say found it much easier to plant in, the soiil was lovely and soft, unlike where my peas were going which wasnt covered, so thats a lesson learnt for me... Dig then cover for a few weeks before planting!
I have also sown seed of lettuce, white turnip and beetroot. below are a few pics...

Thursday, 26 March 2009

Plastic Green house BLEW Down!!!

Well it had to happen didnt it, yep my plastic greenhouse finaly blew down in last weekends wind :( Thing is it looks really bare without and I cant decide what to put there instead.
In my greenhouse at home (yep that ones still standing...Just! ) I have my potatoes chitting, and the seedlings ive sown are...

Early peas,
Curly kale
Iceburge Lettuce
Tumbling tomatoes
Peppers (green)

Red Cabbage
Mixed Cabbage
Global Artichokes


Below are some pics.....

Wednesday, 4 March 2009

Helping out on the future pond area of our site

Me & Mum have offered to help out on the Community pond area on our site. Our first job was to have a bonfire with all the trees that had been cut down around this area, well.... could we get the bonfire lit, we tried 3 times!!! even Vasu hepled us but still no luck, just as we thought we had it going it just went out :(, so now we are waiting for Bob to help us, im sure he will get it going... BOB HEEEEEELP!!!!!

Thursday, 19 February 2009

Coldest February for a Decade

Well this February has been the coldest for about 10yrs. We have had snow on the ground most of it, but last week did manage to get up the allotment as the snow finaly melted, we had been on the beg for wood chippings from the council and they brought quite a few loads so we made the most of it and filled all our pathways with it,wow it was hard work must of lost some weight that day :) once we had finished i must say it looked like we had more paths than, will put pics up soon as i get a new card reader.I had set some seeds at home too, they are tomatoes,raddish, global artichokes,coz lettuce, broadbeans and peas.Hopfully not sown them too early, but couldntn wait.

Thursday, 8 January 2009

Happy New Year

Well I cant wait for spring now, Ive already got my seeds ready and im thinking of having some raised beds this year, so am looking out for some planks, I have already got 2 scaffolding boards donated kindly by a couple of workmen who were painting the gable ends on my house, And my brother-in-law has said hes got some I can have too. January 2009 has been very cold infact as cold as -12 some places in the UK, our lowesst was -9 I think. The ground is very solid, i have added some Manure also some straw and chicken manure from my hen house, hopefully this will be ready to be dug in soon. My Brussel sprouts were a flop but my chickens are loving
I have actually sown some Lettuce, spring onions and raddish in the polytunnel ( this is on the plot that we are sharing with Bob) And i have brought a contonasta to plant at the front of the polytunnel just for the wildlife really
will update as soon as i have some more news.