Thursday, 8 January 2009

Happy New Year

Well I cant wait for spring now, Ive already got my seeds ready and im thinking of having some raised beds this year, so am looking out for some planks, I have already got 2 scaffolding boards donated kindly by a couple of workmen who were painting the gable ends on my house, And my brother-in-law has said hes got some I can have too. January 2009 has been very cold infact as cold as -12 some places in the UK, our lowesst was -9 I think. The ground is very solid, i have added some Manure also some straw and chicken manure from my hen house, hopefully this will be ready to be dug in soon. My Brussel sprouts were a flop but my chickens are loving
I have actually sown some Lettuce, spring onions and raddish in the polytunnel ( this is on the plot that we are sharing with Bob) And i have brought a contonasta to plant at the front of the polytunnel just for the wildlife really
will update as soon as i have some more news.

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