Thursday, 19 February 2009

Coldest February for a Decade

Well this February has been the coldest for about 10yrs. We have had snow on the ground most of it, but last week did manage to get up the allotment as the snow finaly melted, we had been on the beg for wood chippings from the council and they brought quite a few loads so we made the most of it and filled all our pathways with it,wow it was hard work must of lost some weight that day :) once we had finished i must say it looked like we had more paths than, will put pics up soon as i get a new card reader.I had set some seeds at home too, they are tomatoes,raddish, global artichokes,coz lettuce, broadbeans and peas.Hopfully not sown them too early, but couldntn wait.

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dinzie said...

I feel for you and that cold weather and Snow .. I've not been near snow in twenty years having left England for New zealand ... I don't miss it :O)

My vegie plot is now overgrown as we head for autumn ... I'll be weedmatting and puttin woodbark down on it as soon as the temperaturs cool