Wednesday, 4 March 2009

Helping out on the future pond area of our site

Me & Mum have offered to help out on the Community pond area on our site. Our first job was to have a bonfire with all the trees that had been cut down around this area, well.... could we get the bonfire lit, we tried 3 times!!! even Vasu hepled us but still no luck, just as we thought we had it going it just went out :(, so now we are waiting for Bob to help us, im sure he will get it going... BOB HEEEEEELP!!!!!

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Peggy said...

Hi, I was blog hopping and found yours on an American site, atsunnys place! You and your Mom have done trojan work on the plot I hope this year is going to be even better. I have an allotment in Ireland this will be our third year and just as we have the first plot now completely dug and planted we have taken on an equally overgrown one next to us. We enjoy it and like you look forward to our allotment dinners.I am adding you to my blog list, best wishes for the coming year.