Thursday, 26 March 2009

Plastic Green house BLEW Down!!!

Well it had to happen didnt it, yep my plastic greenhouse finaly blew down in last weekends wind :( Thing is it looks really bare without and I cant decide what to put there instead.
In my greenhouse at home (yep that ones still standing...Just! ) I have my potatoes chitting, and the seedlings ive sown are...

Early peas,
Curly kale
Iceburge Lettuce
Tumbling tomatoes
Peppers (green)

Red Cabbage
Mixed Cabbage
Global Artichokes


Below are some pics.....


Sunny said...

So sorry about your greenhouse :( Can it be ,a.... re...paired,placed,stored? I love your greenhouse pictures! Makes me want to get mine up, but that won't happen till late summer or fall. I still have to get my chicken fence done. Too bad we can't just hop a plane and all go round to each others place and help get these projects done. Oh well, we can dream can't we ;-) Have a good day!

ladyloulee said...

oooh would be great if we could just do that, i love looking at how others live, keep their animals and their