Thursday, 23 April 2009

And more Planting and Diggin

Today, I planted some more Beetroot, Cabbages, couple of Rasberry bushes and also some sunflowers. The weather was beautiful and didnt realise how hot it was as i got quite burnt, naughty me! My mum spotted a really weird bug that none of us have seen before, the best way to describe it is... like a wasp in size with no sting but a red coloured body with blacck stripes, the wings were pretty much like a moths wings, ooh and it was good at playing dead, then flew off! anyone got any ideas?


Tina. said...

No ideas for you on the bug, but sounds interesting. We have one here that resembles a hummingbird but smaller in size, acts like a hummingbird too drinking nectar from flowers. Sounds like you got a lot accomplished.

Maesneuadd said...

Could it have been a Tiger moth?

Tina. said...

The garden is looking lovely and so are the veggies. Mine is not quite there yet, and it has been a cooler summer so far so we will have to see what the yeild is. Nice pics!