Tuesday, 21 October 2008

Autumn at the Allotment

Well its now Autumn and the allotment is starting to look a bit bare, My sweetcorn arent doing aswel as I hoped :( but the cabbages are coming along nicely. Leaves and apples are covering the pathways... good job ive brought a juicer...lol. Ive taken down the beans and have added some mustard seeds for "Green Manure". Over our other one (Half with Bob) I have finished digging and planted onion sets, cauliflowers and garlic we have also relaid the path with Bob and mum has started on the back bit. Back on ours, I cant decide wether to cover the bits i've dug or leave uncoveredbelow are some up to date pics.


Grammy said...

Your sweet corn may need more nitrogen. Add grass clippings to soil. and if you can plant bean around them they will add nutrients that will help the corn grow. They can climb on corn stalks. And if you have clover. pull some of it add to soil or just throw on top of soil like mulch. It was good for my corn, I planted nasturtiums around the border and had no bug damage to them at all this summer. I hope yours works out too.

ladyloulee said...

ooh thank you for the advise will remember that next time :)
lou x