Wednesday, 25 June 2008

Pigeons ate all me cabbages & brussels !!!

well on Monday 16th June I went to my allotment after not being up there for a few days to find the pigeons had eaten all my cabbages and brussels !!! oooooh i was soooo disheartened, but "Bob" one of the other allotmenteers came to my rescue and gave me some more, thats the thing with "Redhill allotments" everyone is soooo friendly and willing to help out! so this time i made sure that i caged the veg seedlings in, you watch the bloody slugs will eat them now!!... haha, will get some pictures up soon so watch this space.
On a better note..... my peas, onions and lettuce are doing great :) the lettuce could do with being picked but they make my allotment look really good....haha.
The tadpoles in my pond are getting really big now aswel and some have back legs, so wont be long before they turn into froglets. Also alot of other pondlife has found its way in too :)

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