Friday, 6 June 2008

The ploughman came

6TH June 2008
Today I finished the new pond that i started, and also added some tree mulch to make a bit of a pathway.

Also today I put some more cabbages in that "fred and Bob" friends of my allotment gave to me, thanks guys hope the slugs dont get them this time!

Here are the latest pics from the 15th May till today 6th June...
mums half, shes made a start with peas

my goosberry bushes

my cabbages

My son "Connor" is growing raddish, onions and carrots under the cloche, hes only 7 but really wants to grow stuff :)

THE 15TH MAY 2008
Well on the 15th May the ploughman came :) oooh it made life sooo much easier, he ploughed it then rotavated it, but you would of thought he could of weeded it aswell !!! lol

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